Colour Me Gorgeous
*Colour Me Gorgeous Offer applies to Duleek and Stamullen Salons on Wednesdays and Drogheda Salon on Thursdays ONLY.
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Student Deals

Amazing student deals on colour treatments and blowdrys.


If you’re between the age of 16-21 years take a look at our VIP student rates!

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Olaplex available at You're Gorgeous Hair Salon -YGH

We Offer Olaplex

Insurance for your hair.


Dramatically reduce breakage. Make your colour last longer.

Our Colour Responsible Policy

You're Gorgeous Hair follow a colour responsible policy for the safety of our clients and peace of mind of our stylists.

Master Colour Degree Specialist – Top of Class 2015 | Leanne Caffrey – Salon Manager Stamullen

You’re Gorgeous Hair works with renowned and trusted professional colour products. Our highly trained stylists carefully follow manufacturers instructions regarding skin testing. ALL hair colour products state skin testing for reactions for sensitivity MUST be carried out at least 48 hours before a colour service.


We appreciate that many of our clients have been colouring their hair for many years, however, the recent increase in the number of people experiencing reaction/sensitivity to hair colour and the severity of some of these reactions has lead us to adopt this responsible policy.


Should you have any queries or questions our stylists are happy to sit with you and explain fully why we believe this is the responsible way to use hair colour. We have the most up to date colour options available for our client’s safety and convenience. YGH staff undertake regular training to support their knowledge and experience.



Appointments Available

Appointments Available

Drogheda, Duleek, and Stamullen.